Promote your business, event, and company in a healthy, refreshing, new way!
Introducing the latest wave in advertising to promote your business, event, or company: "Liquid Advertising." Imagine your customers, clients, employees, patrons, and friends being greeted or thanked with a refreshing bottle of pure natural spring water with YOUR NAME, LOGO, COMPANY MESSAGE, AND ANY VERBIAGE AS THE LABEL.
Liquid Advertising utilizes digitally produced, multi-colored, synthetic, high gloss-waterproof labels for any business, charity, fundraising, recreational, or promotional event. Imagine the prestige that Liquid Advertising can bring real estate agents, boat owners, weddings, ceremonies, and other special events. Liquid Advertising, Fort Lauderdale, Florida performs all labeling and packaging in house. From 5 cases to 5,000 cases, Liquid Advertising will provide a high quality finished product with professional, reliable service. Typically, turnaround time from design to delivery can be achieved in a five day period. Re-orders can be delivered within 24 hours.

As you know, custom-labeling items for promotional usage is extremely effective. Custom labeled natural spring water will definitely leave a long lasting impression with your clients, patrons, and guests. Psychologically speaking, when someone offers you food or drink and it is pleasing to you, an automatic positive note is registered about the provider. Why not leave the same impact with your business? Just think how many people will notice; your clients, employees, and friends sipping your water throughout the day.

Before Liquid Advertising was developed; to have you own custom labeled water was an expensive investment. You could expect to pay $200 - $1,000 for label designs, a few dollars a case to apply the labels, art fees, plate charges, cost of water, and shipping expenses. Those days are over! Liquid Advertising has brought custom labeling into the realm of reality for everyone!

The system is simple...
Liquid Advertising will visit you in person or gather information by way of e-mail regarding artwork, logo designs, verbiage, color selections, and any theme that will help design your custom label. We have over Millions of graphic images available to complement your business theme or event.

Typically, a sample design will be e-mailed or hard copy mailed for your inspection within a two day period. After approving, editing, adding, or deleting anything on the label, your labeled water will be delivered within a five day time frame.

We offer 16.9 ounce (500ML) smooth panel, high grade plastic bottles in Clear or Cobalt Blue. Our spring water is the purest available in most states. There are 24 bottles per case and arrive in enclosed boxes for easy handling, storage and light protection. We use 100% soak proof high quality plastic labels.

Special ordering for 12 ounce bottles is available.

16.9 ounce bottle, is our most popular size. Typically for restaurants, bars, athletic events, personal usage, corporate usage, and all other events

24 bottles per case, bottles are packed in fully enclosed boxes

Minimum order is 5 cases (must pick up at office)

Please call for pricing.(volume discounts available)

One time nominal setup fee may apply. (Set up fee includes layout and design work)

Rush Jobs welcomed!