Liquid Advertising Incorporated is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company was developed by Rocco A. Spadafore, President of Liquid Advertising, LLC.

Bottling companies do offer the same services as Liquid Advertising, however a greater expense to obtain the finished product can be overwhelming and not cost effective.

The initial concept was born July of 2001, in East Lansing, MI. Mr. Spadafore was on a vacation and purchased a bottle of water from a 7-11. The water had Michigan State University as the label.

This triggered many thoughts for Mr. Spadafore and three days later the research and development process began. After 5 months of finding out the mechanics of the industry, Rocco realized there was large void in the industry when servicing small run orders. Sure, one could purchase 200 cases and 5,000 labels however, this leads to a huge untapped market.

Liquid Adverting, Inc has been if full operation since November 2002. The company has many clients in the corporate, restaurant, retail, service, professional and school district sectors.

High Quality water, boxes, labels and creative designs catapults Liquid Advertising, LLC in a league of its own.

Thanks for visiting this site and please call Rocco direct with any concerns or questions you may have.